Spot Free Dishes from dishwasher guaranteed or your money back.


The Mini House RO

This is a new innovation that targets supplying  spot free water to key areas in the house.  A big advantage to this is lower operating costs of $40.00/year and An installed price of $1950.00.  The install requires a proper working water softener.  We can test yours at no charge to confirm. This package includes a drinking water faucet at kitchen sink as well as hookup to fridge water/ice. The unit takes up very little space.

Whole House RO

This unit takes up a little more space. It makes every faucet spot free. Capital cost is $12,900.00 with ongoing yearly costs averaging $600.00 per year.

This requires no salt. Depending on water test, the unit may require a Antiscalant package already included in the price.

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