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"This water system is the best! I just had the biggest hottest most relaxing tub to try to shake away this 40 below crap and I did not have to worry about running out of water and having to try hauling it in this frigid weather. Literally like swimming of the shores of a tropical paradise. Ahhhhhh"

Christine Ewart Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Professional On-Farm Water Treatment


Utilizing a process that was perfected over a 12-year span the Dugouts-to-RO system converts surface ground water i.e. dugouts into affordable, safe, clean, potable water. The system does not use salt, chemicals or chlorination while generating no waste water which conventional Reverse Osmosis systems do. Using RO technology and UltraViolet lights the Dugouts-to-RO system provides a 4-stage process for the removal of contaminants and pathogens with the end result being pure safe water. As seen in the new invention area of Brandon Ag days and the new innovation area at the Farm Progress show.

At Dugouts to RO, we offer a new approach to treating well and surface water. Blending new technologies with our real life experiences we have a new approach to clean safe water.  

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Well Water to Reverse Osmosis

Compact plug and play design

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Proper aeration is important to maintain both oxidation and mixing of the dugout water. In most cases this is one of the important steps in making perfect water from surface water. Windmill's have been used but typicaaly require maintenance. 110 volt properly designed air compressors work very well. Our new innovative product the Sunmill will be available in 2020. Requires no batteries.


a people safe blue colour for dugouts that reduces particulates and algae by reducing sun light. Treats more than a million gallons for $250.00

The side by side dugouts below show one raw and one with bluecloud 

Bluecloud is like putting a house plant in a cupboard =no growth

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Each dugout or well has its own characteristics as to location infrastructure and to the most practical cost efficient way to use it. Please fill out the form below and I will contact you by phone to answer your questions and you to answer ours.

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